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The C.S.I.R. Research Facilities - Part 2: Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Preservation

The second of five films on C.S.I.R.'s research facilities, produced for the Commonwealth Scientific Conference held in London in 1946.

Produced in 1946.

Libraries and tags

21:07:29 | Title over coat of arms
21:07:50 | Hills and pasture, maize crop, field crop and farmhouse, horticultural crop, orchards
21:08:29 | Soil survey in field, surveying, core sample taken, profile pit being dug, sample taken
21:09:06 | Exterior - Div. of Soils, Waite Institute, S.A.
21:09:17 | Interiorlab - sample ground, sieved, woman researcher carrying out mechanical analyses - filtration in glass equipment, sample shaker rotating, pipetting from soil suspension
21:09:55 | Female researchers carrying out chemical analyses, acid digestion and distillation in glass equipment
21:10:32 | Trace elements determined by spectrogram
21:10:43 | Studies of soil physics and mechanics, including spray technique for impregnating properties
21:11:12 | Engineering properties of soils studied - samples in freezer, bearing characteristics, plasticity studied
21:11:32 | Cartographer working on soil map, soil map of Mildura area
21:11:50 | Aerial - orchards and vineyards
21:11:58 | Commonwealth Research Station, Merbein, old car and dog bounding after car
21:12:07 | Interior lab - experiments being done
21:12:16 | Pumping station on River Murray, to irrigation channels in vineyards
21:12:39 | Aerial - undeveloped Mallee scrub and developed irrigation areas
21:12:48 | Tractor cultivation in research vineyard, grape harvesting, dipping boxes of grapes, checking drying rate
21:13:34 | Commercial grape dipping and drying racks
21:13:45 | Exterior - Commonwealth Irrigation Research Station - old car drives past
21:13:54 | Soil survey - sample taken using bemier(?) tube, interior lab - soil tests
21:14:17 | Soil monoliths
21:14:22 | Experimental orchard, tractor driving past
21:14:40 | Wide irrigation channel - water use measurement using Dethridge wheel
21:14:53 | Small weir
21:15:12 | Field observations on rate of absorption of soil in furrows
21:15:33 | Irrigation in orchard, ground hoses
21:16:15 | Horses pulling dray of packed boxes into shed
21:16:27 | Glasshouse
21:16:31 | Meteorological equipment, measurements read
21:16:48 | Drawers containing aerial photograph collection, researcher checking data
21:17:01 | Researcher examining trees
21:17:09 | Exterior- Div. of Plant Industries, Canberra, field station - glasshouses, horse drawn jinker in field, various buildings
21:17:38 | Seed collection records and samples being used
21:18:05 | Irrigated tomato crop - Griffith, harvesting crop, halving tomatoes in field, lab examination
21:18:30 | Maize crop in field - researcher checking plants
21:18:38 | Studies in glasshouse on potted plants
21:18:47 | Samples taken from field crop
21:18:53 | WS of crop being irrigation
21:18:59 | Native trees - researcher looks at tree
21:19:07 | Interior lab - researcher with solutions in flasks
21:19:16 | Cultivating crop, tobacco crop, tobacco leaf samples, made into cigarettes
21:19:56 | Grafting on potted tomato plant
21:20:07 | Crop being irrigation
21:20:12 | Controlled manurial studies in drums in bird cage for take-all, lab analyses of plant material
21:20:30 | Field testing of weedicides, plant root tested for electrical conductivity
21:20:56 | Beetles on weed plant flowers
21:21:01 | Exterior - Div. of Economic Entomology, Canberra - glasshouses,
21:21:14 | Reference insect collection being consulted
21:21:32 | Sealed insect holders for breeding, jars of potato moths, eggs placed in breeding cage for development
21:22:08 | Cage for release of parasites in field, special package for mailing parasites
21:22:31 | Package handed into aircraft, aircraft takes off
21:22:38 | Researcher in field of St. Johns wort, stalks and flowers of St Johns wort, field of flowering weed
21:22:53 | Lab - various insects bred for testing, plague locusts, flour weevils sieved, samples weighed, dust tests
21:23:59 | House flies bred in sealed boxes, drying and winnowing machine used to separate pupae
21:25:15 | Chamber used to test insecticides on house flies
21:25:45 | Lab testing of insecticides for crops in bell jar
21:26:00 | Insecticide testing in field - spreading dust using a power duster, spraying liquid using overhead power sprayer, specially designed top and side spray
21:26:17 | Exterior - Div. of Fisheries - Cronulla, tidal measurements taken on jetty, water samples taken at sea in Nansen bottle
21:27:08 | Lab - shelves of bottles, chlorine determinations in lab
21:27:22 | Plankton haul at sea, sample stored in jar, examined in lab under microscope
21:28:07 | Plankton collections on shelves
21:28:20 | Sorting tanks used for life history studies, fish pond, controlled temperature tanks in lab
21:28:42 | Drag net pulled in on beach, fish measured, scale taken and fish tagged and released
21:29:19 | Lab - measuring fish and removing scales for aging studies, fish entrails examined, bacteriological tests done, refrigerated cabinets
21:30:14 | Oyster cultivation, mud temperature taken with resistance thermometers, oyster culture tanks
21:30:49 | Research building, fishing boat in harbour, activities on board research vessel, hauling nets
21:31:30 | Agar collection in dinghies, preparation in lab
21:32:01 | CSIR Div. of Food Preservation name plate, Exterior labs - Homebush
21:32:18 | Worker taking fish into refrigerated chamber, iced pipes on inner walls, booster compressor used to reach very lowtemperatures, thermostatically controlled brine pumps and thermostat
21:33:06 | Woman checking stored fruit in temperature controlled room
21:33:11 | Fruit respiration tests in gas-tight glass hemispheres, fruit examined, cored
21:33:43 | Vegetable dehydration research, preparation of vegetables, dehydration and packaging
21:34:42 | Vacuum drying tests and electrical moisture meters, accurate moisture measurements and food analyses
21:35:18 | Tasting tests
21:35:26 | Compression testing
21:35:42 | Storage change observations in lab
21:35:51 | Studies on preparation of fruit juices, juicing, flash pasteurisation, pasteurisation by rotating cans, storage under carbon dioxide and low temperatures
21:36:24 | Canning and sealing fruit juice and post canning tests and analyses
21:37:03 | Canning process studies on production line, preparation, canning, sealing, retorting, seam tests for leakages and vacuum testing
21:38:59 | Weighing canned products, bacteriological sampling of canned product, turbidimeter used
21:39:46 | Egg storage checks
21:40:04 | Food produce being loaded into ships hold at Sydney Wharf
21:40:23 | The End - over coat of arms
21:40:30 | End