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Women in Science

For too long a career in science has been considered a male preserve dominated by linear thought and complicated technology. But science calls for creativity and intuition, attributes common to men and women, and it offers a variety of job prospects.

Beau Anderson is a molecular biologist studying animal diseases, Cathy Foley is a physicist involved in the development of new materials, Hilary Newman is a horticulturist working with new grape varieties, Merilyn Sleigh is a molecular biologist leading a team of genetic engineers, Anita Andrew is a geologist whose research involves collaboration with large mining companies, Sharon Kent and Stephanie Davenport work in marine biology.

As these young scientists discuss their research, we become aware of the challenge, excitement and satisfaction of the careers they have chosen. They are not `brainy boffins' working in isolation in ivory towers, but enthusiastic, energetic, young women taking their place with men in exploring some of the fundamental questions of the world around them. After all, isn't science for everyone?

Produced in 1985.

Libraries and tags

00:01:29 | Montage
00:02:05 | Sharon Kent, marine biologist, preparing to scuba-dive, Interview
00:02:33 | Underwater - scuba diving amongst kelp, shark held in divers hand
00:02:44 | Lab, measuring and cutting open fish
00:02:57 | Interview - Sharon Kent
00:03:14 | Beau Anderson, molecular biologist, with goats in enclosure, vaccinatinggoat
00:03:33 | Interview - Beau Anderson
00:03:49 | Dr. Cathy Foley physicist in lab with device to produce glassy metalribbons
00:04:11 | Interview - Dr. Cathy Foley
00:04:18 | Dr. Cathy Foley in lab dons protective face mask, melts metal witharc
00:04:37 | Interview - Dr. Cathy Foley
00:05:00 | Hilary Newman, horticulturalist with assistant, in glasshouse withvine seedlings, checking dried fruit from destalking machine, in vineyard
00:05:42 | Hilary Newman in glasshouse, pollinating, checking plants
00:06:15 | Dr. Merilyn Sleigh, molecular biologist, working in lab, preparingagar plates
00:06:36 | Interview - Dr. Merilyn Sleigh
00:07:25 | Dr. Merilyn Sleigh in lab with fellow scientists, examining gelsand looking at culture plate under microscope
00:08:14 | Dr. Anita Andrew with assistant collecting rock sample in field
00:09:07 | Interview - Dr. Anita Andrew
00:09:22 | Dr. Anita Andrew and assistant collecting ground water samples
00:10:01 | Stephanie Davenport, marine biologist, tagging sharks at night,SD and assistants measure and tag sharks on deck, gill net
00:11:15 | On bridge discussing where to fish
00:11:41 | View across sunlit seas to horizon
00:11:45 | HA view to rear of boat, various crew on deck
00:12:10 | Backlit research vessel in sunset, crew relaxing together on deck
00:12:15 | Interview Stephanie Davenport
00:12:29 | Dr. Cathy Foley working in lab with analysis equipment, at keyboard
00:12:57 | Hilary Newman in greenhouse, with assistant, checks vine roots growingin water, hydroponics
00:13:12 | Interview - Hilary Newman
00:13:23 | Interview - Merilyn Sleigh
00:13:49 | Lab - Dr. Merilyn Sleigh and scientist with experiment, red liquidbubbling in glass equipment
00:14:08 | Interview - Dr. Cathy Foley
00:14:26 | Dr. Cathy Foley walks along corridor Division of Applied Physics,Lindfield
00:14:43 | Interview - Dr. Cathy Foley
00:14:51 | Beau Anderson walking in field
00:15:06 | Interview - Beau Anderson
00:15:25 | Stephanie Davenport hauling shark aboard with others they measure,tag and release shark
00:16:22 | Credits over montage
00:16:40 | Interview - Beau Anderson
00:16:51 | Montage
00:17:05 | End