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The Good Food Show: Episode 1 - The Great Australian Dish

Is there such a thing as the Great Australian Dish - and how healthy is it for you? Our chef, Gabriel Gáte, goes fishing for yabbies in the Murray River - and discovers how the locals cook them. He samples Aboriginal bushtucker in outback Australia and visits a sheep station for the shearer's lunch. he cooks his own version of the traditional 'steak and chips' and demonstrates some exciting variations on the 'Aussie Barbeque'.

Produced in 1988.

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00:01:30 | Title montage
00:02:04 | Murray river scenes, travelling along river, paddle steamer PYAP, exposed roots of gum trees on river
00:02:45 | PYAP bow cutting through water
00:02:47 | Gabriel Gate to camera
00:03:29 | Gabriel Gate catching yabbie on line, drops in bucket, yabbies into steamer in Gem kitchen, onto plate
00:04:32 | Captain Beatty and Gabriel Gate dining in Gem Restaurant, Gabriel Gate interviewing Captain Beatty
00:05:31 | Gabriel Gate in kitchen preparing yabbies in a sauce
00:10:00 | Gabriel Gate interviewing Dr. David Topping (CSIRO)
00:10:38 | McDonnell ranges, Gabriel Gate climbing rocky outcrop
00:11:03 | Gabriel Gate to camera
00:11:09 | Aborigines shaking tree, cooking on open fire, digging for yams
00:11:37 | Tourist bus
00:11:51 | Interview Rod Steinert
00:12:06 | Rod Steinert talking about and showing bush tucker, tourist group walking through bush, eating bush tucker, aboriginal woman cooking goanna, witchetty grubs
00:14:30 | Gabriel Gate to camera
00:14:40 | Gabriel Gate and Dr.David Topping in kitchen cooking steak and sliced potatoes
00:17:51 | Rounding up sheep with tractor, woolshed - tossing fleece on grading table, shearing
00:18:27 | Gail Brown preparing roast dinner, shearing
00:19:30 | Shearers eating lunch
00:20:02 | Gabriel Gate in kitchen making salad
00:23:21 | Gabriel Gate outside at barbecue preparing pork kebabs
00:27:46 | McDonnell Ranges at sunset, Gabriel Gate climbing rocks, to camera, various foods in programme
00:28:22 | Credits
00:28:56 | End