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+ Assessing Escorial wool

Assessing Escorial wool

Project leader Ken Atkinson assesses the wool web as it emerges from the Thibeau Card.

The CSIRO Textile and Fibre Technology facility at Geelong was chosen to process the first highly-prized Escorial fine wool consignment.

Wool from Escorial sheep is exceptionally fine. The sheep are a miniature breed, descended from a North African flock kept in the 16th century by Phillip II of Spain at the El Escorial monastery near Madrid. The bloodline died out in Europe but survived in Tasmania through the 100 sheep exported there in 1828. The breed is now only farmed in New Zealand and southern Australia. All sheep are registered and the brand is strongly protected.

Photographer : North Sullivan Photography

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Assessing Escorial wool
Assessing Escorial wool

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