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+ Small Beetles in a Hive

Small Beetles in a Hive

The small hive beetle,Aethina tumida, is native to South Africa, where it is regarded as a minor pest of African strains of honey bees. However, in the United States, where the beetle was first discovered in 1988, it has become a significant pest of non-Africanised strains of honey bees.

Larvae of the small hive beetle are most damaging to honey bees. They tunnel through combs, eating honey and pollen and killing bee brood, ruining the combs.

Australia is now only the second New World country to which the beetle has spread. The effect of the beetle in Australia is likely to be similar to that in the US, as the climate and bee strains in Australia are similar.

Photographer : Denis Anderson

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Small Beetles in a Hive
Small Beetles in a Hive

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