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+ Kangaroo Birth Position

Kangaroo Birth Position

Just before the young is born the female adopts the birth position. The tail is passed forwards between the hind legs, the back is supported, and the weight is taken mainly on the butt of the tail. Pouch cleaning may continue while the female is in the birth position.

Kangaroo research was carried out by CSIRO from the early 1960s to the late 1980s. The process of kangaroo reproduction was revealed for the first time by CSIRO researchers, G B Sharman and J H Calaby, providing a basis for significant research by universities and state departments from the late 1960s. A series of 13 images makes up this series DA1487, DA1497 to DA1507 and DA1509.

Photograph: Ederic Slater

Photographer : Ederic Slater

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Kangaroo Birth Position
Kangaroo Birth Position

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