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+ Arytainilla spartiophila

Arytainilla spartiophila

The psyllid, Arytainilla spartiophila, was the second agent released on Scotch broom in Australia in 1994.

The psyllid has one generation per year with a prolonged diapause in the egg stage of 5-6 moths during winter.

In summer the adult female psyllids cut slits in the stems of broom and insert eggs singly into each slit. In the following spring, nymphs hatch and feed in the buds and other actively growing parts of the plant. The nymphal stage lasts about two months.

The winged adults are very mobile and high populations can cause severe damage. Adult emigration occurs readily, even at low population levels, and new bushes are quickly colonised.

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Arytainilla spartiophila
Arytainilla spartiophila

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