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+ Waterhyacinth weevil - Neochetina bruchi

Waterhyacinth weevil - Neochetina bruchi

Water hyacinth remains one of the world's most serious aquatic weeds. Its invasiveness, high growth rate and high biomass disrupt aquatic ecology and fisheries and prevents the use of waterways for transport and recreation. It impacts severely on the livelihood of inhabitants of riverine and lowland areas in developing countries.

Four agents released since 1975 have shown great success in controlling water hyacinth. The weevil Neochetina eichhorniae, the moth Niphograpta albiguttalis and this weevil, Neochetina bruchi, have greatly suppressed the growth of the weed in tropical and subtropical areas.

Photographer : Entomology

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Waterhyacinth weevil - Neochetina bruchi
Waterhyacinth weevil - Neochetina bruchi

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