You have arrived at this page via one of our special Media Release pages. These pages are designed to enable the downloading of images by media outlets for use in conjunction with CSIRO media releases, without the need for registration.

In addition to the images on the Media Release pages, there are thousands of other photographs in our collection which may be used in press stories about CSIRO. To access our full collection, you will need to apply for the Media Licence by completing the online registration form on our SIGN-IN page.

scienceimage is an image library specialising in science and nature images. It is presented by CSIRO, Australia's major science research organisation. All the images at scienceimage are at print quality, and are readily downloadable in a range of sizes. You also get access to CSIRO's database of film and video productions, making it easy to search for footage to suit your requirements.

Media Release Licence

This licence governs free images that you download from our website for the purpose of using the image in conjunction with a CSIRO media release or media story about CSIRO.

Images may be used to illustrate newspaper, magazine or on-line articles or television programs specifically about CSIRO research projects. Images used to illustrate on-line articles must be no larger than 72dpi. Images used by you by virtue of a Media Release Licence are not to be used in any other way, either internal or external.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing by CSIRO, CSIRO materials must not be used to state or imply the endorsement by CSIRO or by any CSIRO employee of a commercial product, service or activity, and must not be used in any other manner that might mislead.

A condition of this licence is that you supply CSIRO with a copy or outline of the story for which you have downloaded the image(s).

You are strictly prohibited from using any image in conjunction with any defamatory, libelous, misleading, pornographic or otherwise unlawful material.

As part of the above licence arrangements, we require that a credit reading "copyright CSIRO" or variations of this as specified in a particular image appears adjacent to the images or on an obvious credits page or screen.

Other scienceimage Licences

The specific image licences which may be granted are:

Schools Licence
This licence governs the use of free images (100 kb only) that you download from our website for school use such as projects and activity sheets.

Commercial Licence
You are able to purchase the right to use the images directly from our website or images can be supplied on CD-ROM. Such images can be reproduced and/or distributed as part of any advertisement, book or other medium anywhere where in the world.

Staff Licence
CSIRO staff can use any scienceimage image for certain INTERNAL publications without permission from the Division that supplied the image, but with acknowledgement to the author of the image.

Government / Research / Educational Licence
This licence is restricted to Australian educational institutions and not-for-profit research organisations. Images obtained under this licence are for a one-time, specific use. Images may be downloaded directly from our website or can be supplied on CD-ROM.

Australian Educational Publisher Licence
This licence is restricted to Australian rights, and available only for reproduction in educational publications with print runs of under 4000 copies. Publishers may download images directly from our website or images can be supplied on CD-ROM.

For a full explanation of the different licence types, and their associated terms and conditions, go to our PRICING AND LICENCES page.

If you have any questions regarding licensing of images, or wish to use the Contents in a manner not permitted by a CSIRO Image Licence (for example, online or as part of an advertisement or product), please telephone us on 03 9662 7591 or on +61 3 9662 7591 (international). Alternatively you could email us on publishing.photos@csiro.au

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