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The Do-It-Yourself Chip

The design of computer silicon chips has always been regarded as an obscure area of high technology confined to California's Silicon Valley. But a team of CSIRO scientists in Adelaide has demonstrated that non- experts can successfully design customized chips for a wide range of uses, at a fraction of the usual cost.

The Australian Multi-Project Chip (or MPC) is a wafer of silicon containing 46 separate designs. It has been successfully built and tested, the first time such a project has been completed outside the United States.

The film looks at the development of the MPC and at some of the designs, including a bionic ear for the deaf, a tool for on-the-spot assessments of mineral deposits, and a device to improve the efficiency of the Parkes Radio Telescope. The project leader, Dr Craig Mudge, describes the place of the MPC in the continuing evolution of computing technology.

Produced in 1983.

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