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Soils and Foundations

Where there is a marked seasonal wetting and drying out of soil, and the soil type is such as to lead to extensive swelling and shrinking, unsightly cracking of brick and masonary houses is often seen. And yet, providing an appropriate foundation is laid, any soil may be built on without risk.

Identification of the soil type gives the key to its physical properties and bearing capacity, and helps architects and engineers to select the best foundation for a building of any size and structure.

Produced in 1952.

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21:21:43:59 | Soil boring plant boring hole for pier
21:28:13 | Title Cover graphics, still
21:28:40 | Montage Ploughed field foreground, hill, few trees behind field,animals grazing on hillside, horticultural crop fields
21:28:50 | Felling eucalypt tree
21:28:57 | Car on road, aircraft take off from tarmac
21:28:59 | Various examples of suburban houses
21:29:07 | Researchers inspecting soil sample in field taking core samples
21:29:41 | Montage - Mapper working on soil map, laboratory experiments
21:30:01 | Cracks in fence and exterior house wall, internal wall cracks, crackedsoil
21:30:40 | Suburban cement rendered house with external wall cracks
21:31:03 | Cracks in clay soil
21:31:11 | Laboratory - comparison in size of wet and dried cylinders of soil
21:31:28 | Cracked clay soil
21:31:40 | Graphics - seasonal variation in clay thickness and water retentionin top layers of clay soil
21:32:49 | Exterior - measuring soil movement with buried metal rods
21:33:15 | Graphics - shows differential soil movement between inner and outerwalls on slip footings
21:33:54 | Cracks on cement rendered house wall
21:34:11 | Various soils
21:34:16 | Brick walls being erected on house foundations
21:34:19 | Exposed soil profiles in bush location
21:34:48 | River in alluvial valley, farmland, trees in parkland setting
21:35:01 | Soil layers in cutting
21:35:20 | Graphics - world soil map showing distribution black soils and redbrown earths
21:35:41 | Graphics - map of Australia, red brown and black earths distribution
21:35:57 | Profile of black earth pit showing separate horizons and their textures.Researcher with hand pick
21:36:58 | Profile of red brown earth horizons
21:37:39 | Graphics - what to do about soil problems Stage 1
21:37:49 | Graphics - world soil map
21:37:57 | Graphics - soil map of Australia
321:8:01 | Graphics - soil map of Adelaide and suburbs
21:38:24 | Soil profile of pit wall, taking field soil core sample with auger
21:38:40 | Soil cores (monoliths) showing 5 main soils found in a troublesomearea of Adelaide
21:39:03 | Graphics - stage 2a of list of solutions to cracking soil problem
21:39:26 | Interior, moisture measured off bench meter
21:39:37 | Exterior, soil swelling measurements with buried rods
21:39:48 | Graphics - graphs showing movement in inches plotted against depthin feet
21:40:40 | Graphics - stage 2b of problems of cracking soil
21:40:53 | Exterior mobile laboratory, caravan
21:40:58 | Core samples taken from field, tested under compression in mobilelaboratory
21:41:30 | Graphics - graphs compressive strength against depth
21:41:57 | Graphics - list of solutions to cracking problems
21:42:12 | Graphics - strip footing on soil layers
21:42:42 | Cracked soil, come vegetation with pier and beam footing
21:42:49 | Graphics - soil swelling problem
21:43:16 | Clearance of beam above soil during dry spell
21:43:21 | Graphics - swelling layers gripping pier, deep pier, bored piles
21:44:18 | Driven piles, pile driver sinking pile
21:44:32 | Graphics - anchoring pier securely in stable soil zone by underreaming
21:44:56 | Hand operated under reamer with jaws which open progressively
21:45:31 | Pile digging from tray of truck
21:45:37 | Planner designing footings
21:45:41 | Various suburban houses
21:45:49 | Montage - Pitside profile, graph designing footings, footings plans,house foundations, soil survey papers
21:46:34 | Footings trench builder and official looking at soil, plan inspectedat foundations
21:46:53 | Graphics - list of what to do about soil problems
21:47:09 | House foundations
21:47:14 | Researchers sampling soil in field, 4WD research vehicle in field,Landrover
21:47:51 | End