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Stabilizing Soft Sites

Clay building sites can be cheaply and effectively stabilized in wet weather by mixing hydrated lime with the clay subsoil before building operations begin.

This initial stabilization rovides a firm, clean, all-weather working surface, and permits the easy access of heavily-loaded vehicles.

Produced in 1963.

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21:07:07 | Title over wet clayey building site
21:07:23 | Car driven over wet cleared building site
21:07:37 | Laboratory, scientist demonstrates effect of lime added to wet claysoil
21:08:16 | Utility driven onto site of new laboratory to be built in SyndalMelbourne for CSIRO Division of Soil Mechanics, back wheel spinningon wet clay surface
21:08:37 | Topsoil removed from site to form an access road, front end loader
21:09:19 | Researcher wading through water on cleared area carrying sample
21:09:27 | Laboratory - soil samples tested to fine amount of lime needed toreduce plasticity of soil
21:09:53 | Site bulldozed and graded to correct level, bags of hydrated limedropped at intervals over site, opened and hand spread
21:10:57 | Mixing machine driving onto limed area, operator toothed and bladedshafts contra rotating to show mixing action, moving steadily over limedares, well mixed soil behind machine
21:12:30 | Samples of mixed soil taken with spade
21:12:48 | Steel wheeled roller compacting stabilized layer
21:13:09 | Mixing machine in action
21:13:24 | Strength tests of stabilized soil, measurement of the CaliforniaBearing ratio
21:13:41 | Foundation trench side showing stabilized layer uniformity overcracks in unstabilized layer
21:14:05 | Concrete trucks driving over stabilized site, CU wheels on firmsoil
21:15:05 | Laboratory - wax coated cylinders of soil tested for comparisonof compressive strength of stabilized and non stabilized soil
21:15:32 | Treated and untreated cylinders tested for softening in beakersof water
21:16:08 | Building construction - foundation level
21:16:27 | End