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+ BARLEYmax grain

BARLEYmax grain

Using traditional plant breeding techniques, CSIRO scientists have developed BARLEYmax™, a new type of barley with significant health benefits.

BARLEYmax™ has a unique starch profile, giving it nutritional properties quite different to other grains. BARLEYmax™ can be used to produce foods with a low glycaemic index (GI), which could be useful in managing diabetes. Human trials found that a BARLEYmax™ breakfast cereal had a GI of 50, compared to a conventional barley cereal GI of 77. BARLEYmax™ has high levels of β-Glucan, a soluble fibre with cholesterol lowering properties. The grain is also high in insoluble dietary fibre and resistant starch, which have important roles in maintaining bowel health. Resistant starch takes longer to digest, helps regulate blood sugar and promotes healthy digestive bacteria.

Photographer : Carl Davies on June 13 2008.

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BARLEYmax grain
BARLEYmax grain

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