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+ Yellow Crazy Ants

Yellow Crazy Ants

The Yellow Crazy ant (Anoplolepis gracilipes) is recognised by the Global Invasive Species Programme as one of the world's worst invaders. It has infested more than 350 hectares over a 25,000 km2 area in remote north-east Arnhem Land, and represents a major environmental and economic threat to northern Australia.

Believed to have been accidentally introduced to the area during the Second World War, the ant has so far been found in 70 locations around human settlements, along creeks and in disturbed areas in eastern Arnhem Land.

Yellow Crazy ants form multi-queened 'supercolonies' in which ants occur at extremely high densities over large areas – around 1000 per square metre or 79 million per hectare of bush.

Photographer : Ben Hoffmann

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Yellow Crazy Ants
Yellow Crazy Ants

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