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Smoke Control in Buildings

The Fire Technology Program at CSIRO's Division of Building, Construction and Engineering has developed special services to assist in the design, construction and testing of fire safety systems in shopping centres and buildings with atria or similar open spaces.

Working with architects, developers, fire brigades and local government authorities, CSIRO has contributed to many major building projects around Australia, achieving cost-effective solutions to fire safety problems in buildings.

Produced in 1992.

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00:01:30 | Title over flames and smoke
00:01:41 | Fire engines, firemen, ambulances at scene of a fire, helping manaffected by smoke Ex-Ch 7
00:02:03 | Tilt up inside glass cone with shot tower at Melbourne Central shoppingcentre, balconies on each floor open to atrium, high open space overseveral floors
00:02:26 | CSIRO test facilities, flames behind window frame, researchers notingresults of fire
00:02:51 | Exterior - High rise, Melbourne Central
00:02:57 | Interview - Norm Bowen, Building Surveyor, City of Melbourne
00:03:27 | Firemen with smoke affected patient Ex-Ch 7
00:03:37 | CSIRO, Nth Ryde - smoke room showing hot-smoke layer
00:03:57 | Graphics - animation hot-smoke layer in room
00:04:32 | Shopping centre, multi-level, open space, Myer Centre, Adelaide
00:04:43 | Mathematical model on computer screen
00:04:50 | Interior - Melbourne Central with Shot tower and floors of shops
00:04:57 | Exterior - part built shopping centre Collins St, Melbourne, plan,CSIRO scientists
00:05:08 | FIRECALC program being used on computer, CU computer screen, graphs,data
00:05:36 | Printout of results of search studied
00:05:44 | Melbourne Central, ceiling mounted sprinkler and smoke detector,fire doors, air handling system
00:05:59 | Print - plans and manual - Fire Study
00:06:17 | Developer and CSIRO scientist in partly built "Australia OnCollins"
00:06:35 | Interview - Alan Cheng, Connell Wagner Rankine and Hill
00:06:54 | Sports stadium - CSIRO scientists and Fire Brigade officers conducta hot-smoke test, measurements taken
00:07:37 | Interview - Roger Marchant - SA Metropolitan Fire Service
00:07:56 | Sports Stadium - measurements taken, smoke
00:08:20 | Interview - Don Freeman, Chief Building Surveyor, City of Adelaide- in sports stadium
00:08:51 | High rise building with atrium, Adelaide shopping centre (Myer)
00:09:02 | Scientist with plan and calculator
00:09:13 | CSIRO scientists at test facilities observe flames
00:09:28 | Scientist at desk, using computer printout for plan
00:09:36 | Scientist and developer in Australia On Collins building
00:09:46 | Fire in sports stadium, hot-smoke plume layer
00:10:02 | Information and credits
00:10:13 | CSIRO logo
00:10:18 | End