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To Tag a Shark

Shark, commonly known as flake, is a widely accepted seafood. It comes from several species of cold water shark.

But in the tropical waters north of Australia, there''s another shark fishing industry. Here, Taiwanese and Australian fishermen have been catching the Blacktip shark.

In order to establish sound management practices for developing this industry, CSIRO researchers from the Division of Fisheries have undertaken a series of cruises in Northern Australia to study the biology and reproductive behaviour of the Blacktip species.

Some one thousand sharks are caught and tagged on each cruise and much depends on the co-operation of Taiwanese and Australian fishermen in reporting the capture of tagged sharks.

Meanwhile food tasting experiments are looking at the acceptability of northern sharks to southern palates.

Produced in 1986.

Libraries and tags

00:01:30 | Title over shark being pulled on board ship
00:01:33 | Female researcher pulling shark aboard
00:01:50 | Fish and chips wrapped up in fish shop, exterior fish shop
00:02:03 | Shark swimming in ocean
00:02:08 | Researcher on board taking photographs
00:02:11 | Stills - Taiwan fishing trawlers
00:02:19 | Gutting and cleaning sharks on Taiwanese trawler
00:02:34 | Pulling in catch, letting nets out on trawler
00:02:42 | Graphics - map Australia with 200 mile limit
00:02:46 | Nets running out, various fishing activities
00:03:04 | Shark in ocean, seagull hovering
00:03:19 | Various sharks pulled on board
00:03:40 | Shark taste testing
00:04:05 | Couple eating fish in restaurant
00:04:18 | Aerial - CSIRO Fisheries Research labs and vessel
00:04:33 | Lab - researchers at microscope and taking notes
00:04:59 | Gillnet vessel 'Rachel' preparing nets on board
00:05:13 | Int. - Dr. John Stevens on 'Rachel'
00:05:38 | Tagging shark on board, making notes
00:06:01 | Shark thrown overboard
00:06:04 | On bridge - researcher and captain
00:06:26 | Pulling in shark, measuring, tagging, releasing
00:06:54 | Print - reward for tag return
00:07:01 | Long line released from wheel at stern, buoys at regular intervalsabove hooks
00:07:27 | Vessel at sea, backlit by setting sun
00:07:31 | On board activities - gillnetting at night, pulling in gillnet,measuring and tagging shark, injecting dye
00:08:14 | Studying bands in vertebrae at microscope
00:08:29 | Electrophoresis analysis of muscle tissue
00:08:49 | Film with results of analysis
00:08:57 | Research paper, illustrated, pages turned
00:09:08 | Int. - Dr. J.S. with tagging program chart
00:09:53 | Backlit sea surface, rear of fishing vessel, fishing vessel at sea
00:10:07 | Backlit researchers on 'Rachel'
00:10:12 | Vessel backlit by sun at sea
00:10:15 | Researchers and crew relaxing on 'Rachel'
00:10:32 | End