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War Against the Rabbit

The story of one farmer and how he seeks the help of the Victorian Department of Lands and Survey in controlling rabbits.

Produced in 1954.

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13:43:16 | Title over rabbit
13:43:44 | Rabbit twitching
13:43:46 | Rabbits running on rocky hillside, into warrens, farmer and dogwalking through paddocks
13:44:57 | Farmers with Lands department inspector loading gear into vehicle
13:45:34 | Rocky hillside paddock, bare pasture, noxious weeds, erosion, deadtrees
13:47:06 | Inspector explains rabbit eradication programme to farmers
13:47:21 | Graphics - painting of farm layout, finger pointing to details,trails for poisoning shown
13:48:28 | Farmer and inspector walk around area to be cleared, poison noticeput up
13:49:03 | Furrow dug by single plough behind tractor, ring and setter usedin rough ground, pulled by a man, hand setter used in rocky area
13:50:29 | Bait prepared using bait cutters, fruit is diced and laid in furrows
13:51:36 | Farmer using vehicle with trailmaker digs furrow and drops feedat same time
13:51:52 | 1080 added to bait, rubber gloves worn when treating bait, addingpoison gradually to bait on a prepared site and gloves worn to distributebait, poison notices displayed
13:53:25 | Land to be fumigated cleared of plants and surface rabbits, usingdogs, scrub fired, site cleared of logs
13:53:41 | Dead rabbits collected, piled up, buried in large pit
13:55:28 | Graphics - painting of farm showing planned fumigation
13:56:12 | Rocky outcrop farmer squirting chloropicrin in warrens, wearinggas mask
13:57:02 | Land cleared of logs ready for fumigation, fumigator putting phosgenegas into warren, opening sealed
13:58:48 | Portable blower unit blowing cyanide dust into warrens
13:59:28 | Tractor ripping to destroy warrens
13:59:43 | Graphics - structure of warren and where to use ripper
14:01:09 | Farmers and inspector work through farm gate, treated area 3 monthslater
14:01:37 | Sample square showing natured grass regeneration
14:01:45 | Sheep on treated area in good pasture
14:02:05 | Farmer repeats program on his own farm, repairs fence
14:03:25 | End