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Phalaris Staggers: Part 2 - The Acute Stages

Hyper-excitability is invariably the initial symptom of Phalaris Staggers in the acute phase. Generalised muscular tremors, rapid bobbing of the head, and lack of co-ordination in gait are also characteristic. This record of these outward symptoms was filmed on an experimental area at Brecon, in South Australia, between July and August 1953.

Produced in 1954.

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38:16 | Flock showing excitability, one sheep collapses, helped up, bobbing heads
13:32:30 | Title
13:32:59 | Graphics - map of Australia showing distribution of phalaris staggers
13:33:26 | Sheep in stockyards
13:33:59 | Pasture with Phalaris tuberosa, stockman herding sheep into yard
13:34:32 | Symptoms of phalaris staggers - rapidly bobbing head, flexing knees and fetlocks
13:34:56 | Graphics - graph of symptoms and time
13:35:12 | Sheep - nodding head, uncoordinated movement, unable to stand, respiratory distress
13:36:50 | A sheep able to walk after resting and being raised up falls back and down when running with other sheep
13:37:35 | Dead sheep
13:37:37 | Graphics - graph of symptoms and death of sheep in quick time
13:37:41 | Orphaned lamb - nodding head
13:38:04 | Sheep crowding in yard
13:38:12 | Graphics - timing of noted symptoms
13:38:41` | Graphics - later characteristics
13:38:46 | Sheep herded into yard, sheep falling, hard to stand up, rapid bobbing of heads
13:39:33 | Graphics - timing of symptoms
13:39:42 | Collapsed sheep, respiratory distress, attempt to rise, flailing legs, wide extension of hoof claws, damaged jaw
13:40:36 | Chronic sheep hobbling on knees
13:41:01 | Healthy flock, in race, drenching
13:41:22 | Over excited sheep in yard - exaggerated symptoms
13:41:40 | Interior shearing shed, shearers at work kicking sheep being shorn, cut shorn sheep, pushed out of shed, distressed, unable to stand
13:42:11 | Shorn sheep in yard, showing phalaris symptoms