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Primary Industry Research - C.S.I.R. 1949

An abridged version of parts 1-3 of Research Facilities of C.S.I.R.

Produced in 1949.

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Mark | Fruit checked in cold storage room, fruit respiration checked in glass hemispheres, gas concentration tests, core samples taken
01:01:22 | Start, Australian Coat of arms
01:01:31 | Title - C.S.I.R. 1949
01:01:56 | Title - Part 1.Primary Industry Research
01:02:07 | Print C.S.I.R. etc.
01:03:02 | Graphics - map of Australia showing C.S.I.R.research sites
01:03:19 | Ears of wheat in breeze, harvesting, haystacks in paddock
01:03:38 | Div. of Soils - Waite Institute, Adelaide, horse drawn dray passing
01:03:46 | Researchers making soil investigations in field
01:04:01 | Women researchers in lab doing analyses using glassware, men scientists doing various analyses including spectrographic analyses
01:04:56 | Researchers in lab carrying out soil bacteriology with plants in glasshouse, soil properties studied
01:05:14 | Researcher preparing soil map
01:05:22 | Graphics - map of Mildura irrigation area
01:05:27 | Aerial - vineyards Mildura area
01:05:35 | Exterior - Commonwealth Research Station, Merbein
01:05:39 | Irrigation channels, 1-legged man checking hoses in dry channel in vineyard
01:05:48 | Tractor cultivation in vineyard, Harvesting grapes invineyard, crates of grapes, drying racks
01:06:13 | Griffith Research Station building, glasshouses, orchard with tractor, weir, tractor pulling drain cutter, cultivator, watering system
01:06:54 | Worker checking aerial photograph from collection
01:07:03 | Researcher checking fruit tree in orchard - Canberra
01:07:09 | Div. of Plant Industry - Canberra,exterior labs
01:07:17 | Field station, Northern Territory
01:07:26 | Desert landscape, northern Australia, rock outcrop, research vehicle (jeep), collecting soil and plant samples, running stream
01:07:58 | Graphics - map of Australia, pasture improvement field stations pointed to
01:08:09 | Pasture field trial area, survey, harvesting, samples analysed in lab
01:08:41 | Various plantations of crops, potting seedlings
01:09:15 | Instrument checking for dead and alive plant tissue
01:09:26 | Beetles on St Johns wort plant
01:09:31 | Exterior - Div. of Economic Entomology, main building and field station
01:09:45 | Biological control work in labs
01:09:57 | Beetles on St. Johns wort plant, researcher in paddock of St Johns wort
01:10:06 | Various insect pests on plants, in jar
01:10:14 | Insecticide dispersal in field
01:10:27 | Boxes of breeding house flies on shelves, insecticide testing chamber, flies released in chamber for tests
01:10:50 | Queensland State Animal Health Station - Yeeronpilly - Tick infested cattle in pens, handful of ticks, cattle going through dip
01:11:12 | Blowflies in boxes, insecticide tests on sheep, sheep examined for blowfly strike
01:11:53 | McMaster Field Station, Div. of Animal Health and Production - buildings and grounds
01:12:02 | Flock of experimental sheep in field herded by sheepdog, channelled into separate yards
01:12:11 | Tick resistant cattle in stockyard and field
01:12:22 | Exterior - Bacteriological lab, Melbourne
01:12:31 | Experimental animals in pens, cages
01:12:39 | Interior - bacteriological labs - culture media preparation, vaccine antigen and antisera production equipmentin use
01:13:04 | Werribee Field Station - milking herd in milking shed, milk sample taken, analysed in lab
01:13:30 | Tooradin Research Station - cattle herded by stockman on horse, vaccinated in race, microscopic examination of blood samples in lab
01:13:46 | Exterior - McMaster lab in Sydney University ground, black sheep and pens at annex
01:14:06 | Sheep in yards, researchers sample wool and skin from sheep in pen
01:14:30 | Lab - skin sample examined on slides, photomicrographic camera used for permanent record
01:14:53 | Lab facilities used for analyses of blood proteins, blood products etc.
01:15:10 | Faecal samples collected from bags on sheep, examined in lab
01:15:24 | Researcher examining sheep fleece for ectoparasites, microscopic examination, dipping sheep
01:15:40 | Statistical data entered on machines
01:15:49 | Sheep in pens, Exterior Div. of Biochemistry and General Nutrition - Adelaide
01:16:06 | Sheep in metabolism cages, faeces collected, feed provided, sheep enclosed
01:16:36 | Lab - gas analyses and bomb calorimeter determination by female researcher
01:16:45 | Wool collected from patch on sheep, fibre properties determined in lab
01:17:16 | Interior Dairy Research Section lab - various lab activities, butter keeping qualities, butter making process tests
01:17:41 | Operators wrapping butter on conveyor belt
01:17:56 | Blocks of dehydrated butter, tropical butterfat spread production line
01:18:38 | Fishing boat sailing near coast
01:18:45 | Fishing Div. buildings, Cronulla NSW,exterior lab building, research vessel
01:19:06 | Researcher checking current data in equipment on jetty, water sample collected using Nansen bottle, plankton haul made, samples typed in lab
01:19:41 | Water analyses in lab, salt water sorting tank in lab, large external fish pond, controlled temperature tanks in aquarium building
01:20:03 | Pulling in fishing net on beach, scale measurements made, some fish tagged
01:20:36 | Fish scales measured, bacteriological examination of fish in lab
01:21:00 | Oyster culture research, various culture methods
01:21:16 | Fishing industry research activities on fishing boat
01:21:38 | Agar collection in dinghy, agar production in Fisheries lab
01:21:58 | Div. of Food Preservation and Transport - samples weighed in lab, worker putting fish in cold storage room
01:23:05 | Food dehydration process research and tests
01:24:03 | Research on preparation of fruit juices including flash pasteurisation, canning, sealing
01:24:28 | Research on processing canned food stages, turbidimeter used to measure bacteria growth
01:25:30 | Samples taken from hanging carcasses, lab analyses of samples, various activities, bottles on lab shelves
01:26:01 | Equipment being used to check for bloom
01:26:10 | Australian primary produce being loaded into ship's hold
01:26:28 | The End over coat of arms
01:26:34 | End