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Birth of the Red Kangaroo

This remarkable film record of marsupial birth shows mating, the female's preparation for the birth of her young and, finally, the birth itself.

One birth sequence shows the natural behaviour of the mother as the young makes its way, unaided, to the pouch. A second sequence, with the anaesthetised female, shows the moment of birth more clearly and follows the embryo's long journey up over the fur to the pouch, where it develops as an externalised foetus.

The significance of the oestrous cycle and gestation period, egg fertilisation, and the development of the embryo in the uterus, is shown in animated diagrams.

Produced in 1965.

Libraries and tags

11:29:09 | Title over red kangaroo with joey in pouch
11:29:20 | Red kangaroo eating, joey
11:29:31 | Stills, B+W early map of Australia, Pelsaert's journal
11:29:56 | Tammar wallabies grazing ,embryo in pouch
11:30:45 | Red kangaroo, joey in pouch
11:31:05 | Pan. Semi-arid landscape, red kangaroo bounding through sparse spinifexgrass, lapping water
11:31:59 | Male and female red kangaroo feeding on grass
11:32:22 | Graphics - Red kangaroo reproductive cycle
11:32:44 | Male and female red kangaroo in enclosure, male follows female,chases, smells genital area, mounts female
11:33:31 | Vaginal smear taken, microscopic view of sperms on slide
11:33:54 | Graphics - Female reproductive system, fertilisation and embryonicdevelopment
11:35:53 | Female red kangaroo cleaning her pouch, takes up grooming position,tail forward between legs
11:36:26 | Graphics - Young leaving uterus, moving down median vagina
11:36:46 | Female red kangaroo licking urogenital opening, aelantoic sac fallsto ground, mother licks fur near opening, embryo crawling towards pouch,female licks fluid from fur
11:39:01 | Anaesthetised female's urogenital opening, fluid passed, youngborn in amnion, climbs up to pouch, trailing umbilical cord
11:39:56 | CU new born climbing up fur by front limbs, enters pouch, findsteat, attaches to teat
11:41:49 | CU Young attached to teat
11:42:04 | Young in pouch transferred from one teat to another, young transferredto pouch of another female
11:43:08 | Graphics - Oestrus cycle with gestation period, fertilisation andembryonic development to blastoyst stage
11:44:35 | Inside pouch developing young suckling on elongated teat, emptyteat
11:45:23 | Head emerging from pouch, young returning to pouch
11:45:59 | Graphics - Embryonic development
11:46:11 | Young head in pouch feeding moves away
11:46:36 | Female red kangaroo bounding through spinifex grass, pair at water'sedge
11:47:08 | Young climbing up fur to pouch
11:47:44 | Credits over red kangaroo in spinifex area
11:48:24 | End