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+ Cattle wearing 'virtual fencing' collars

Cattle wearing 'virtual fencing' collars

Using satellite technology, scientists from the Food Futures Flagship have helped to develop a prototype, animal-friendly virtual fencing system for cattle that enables the animals to be confined without using fixed fences.

With virtual fencing, boundaries are drawn entirely by global positioning satellite (GPS) and exist only as a line on a computer. There are no wires or fixed transmitters used.The animals wear collars containing software that identifies where they are and emit a sound when they approach the boundary. The sound replaces the visual cue of a conventional electric fence that cows learn to avoid.

The sophisticated software embedded in the system enables it to respond to varying animal temperaments. The research, overseen by an independent animal welfare expert, also showed the animals are not unduly stressed by the virtual fence.

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Cattle wearing 'virtual fencing' collars
Cattle wearing 'virtual fencing' collars

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