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+ Solar Thermal Project

Solar Thermal Project

CSIRO in collaboration with industry partner Solar Systems Pty Ltd has demonstrated a concept for integrating solar thermal energy and methane gas to produce a range of solar-enriched fuels and synthesis gas (CO and H2) that can be used as a power generation fuel gas, as a metallurgical reducing gas or as chemical feed stock e.g. in methanol production.

A demonstration facility, designed to process 44 kW thermal of natural gas, is being operated by CSIRO. It includes all steps in the concept with key aspects of the process chemistry, reactor design and power generation potential confirmed. This technology produces a gas with up to 40% of its energy value as embodied solar energy. If implemented by industry, the technology has the potential to reduce the industry's greenhouse emissions significantly.

The centerpiece of the facility is a twin-axis tracking paraboloidal solar thermal concentrating dish which was designed and constructed by Solar Systems Pty Ltd.

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Solar Thermal Project
Solar Thermal Project

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