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+ The CSIRO National Fish Collection

The CSIRO National Fish Collection

The CSIRO National Fish Collection, also known as the ISR Munro Ichthyological Collection, houses more than 80,000 registered adult and 40,000 registered larval specimens of almost 3000 species from Australasia, Asia, and Antarctic and sub Antarctic islands. It is one of the largest collection of sharks, rays and deepwater fishes in the southern Hemisphere and is used by scientists worldwide. As well as large radiographic and frozen tissue collections, it houses the largest collection of photographs of deepwater Indo-Pacific fishes in existence. The Fish Collection group conducts taxonomic research in support of fisheries and conservation. Services provided include taxonomy, field surveys, identification and consultancy, image library, specimen loans and training.

Photographer : CSIRO Marine Research

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The CSIRO National Fish Collection
The CSIRO National Fish Collection

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